Shine On Reissue 8.6
Shine On Reissue 8.6
Shine On Reissue 8.6

Shine On Reissue 8.6

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Shine on. Limited run *** 8.6 x 32.25 wheel base 14.3

This is a solid shape, and a big board that is great for everything. Not too steep and not completely flat either. big round nose and tail. 

only 30 of these are reprinted. That way for those who missed out on the signed 1-100 limited ones have a chance to skate one or keep one

Horror movies have been a part of my life since I was the age of  Danny cruising down the hallways of the overlook.   I wanted a graphic of one of the strangest and controversial scenes from a film that I adore.   So twisted and dark.  

I hit up my friend Mathew Celestre to paint the scene of Roger and Horace in room 237 together.  Or the man in the bear costume on his knees pleasing his master as seeing in the movie. I knew he’d be down and could put his own look to it. The scene vividly stood out to me and for years I was shut down to have it as a graphic.  I didn’t want such a beautiful painting to be denied again.  And to have that feeling haunt me. I knew that I would need to make this the first Adored board after seeing the painting.  Skateboard graphics should say something about the brand and pro.  I always wanted my boards to be relatable and let people know about the stuff I love or to know What inspires me. Matt being such a lover of Kubrick and skateboarding I knew this had to be produced.   Didn’t know how to do it or anything but I wanted to make a skateboard. 

It was his dream to go pro as a young skater and to design a graphic.  Growing up in the same town and sharing a similar love for art and skateboarding I am so honored and proud to put this out as my first board for a new chapter in my life.  This one is for matt and his brother Brett who have inspired me with their approach to film, skating and creating. It is also for everyone else who loves skateboarding, the uncanny and spectral. 

Just like Horace having power over Roger and making him please him, this board makes me realize it’s always time to dictate your own destiny and stop living under the the thumb of ones who don’t believe in your dreams.  Get weird and have fun. 

-Corey Duffel