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The Madness

The Madness

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Wheeling Up With JT Aultz

The Madness; A Satire On Skateboarding Mores


This skateboard is dedicated to my friend JT Aultz. I always wanted to ride a JT board or skate for the same skateboard brand as him. We met in 1998 at Visalia Skatecamp when we were kids. I was there with Think and he was there with DLXSF. I was so stoked to see a dude my age absolutely crushing rails and everything in front of him. We became friends that day and we would continue to skate with each other for the next twenty years and travel the world. While skating together ive seen JT do tricks that no one else in the world could do. That's a fact. When I started Adored, I knew that I would be doing tribute boards to people who inspire me and he was the first pro I had in mind. I am such a fan of him and I know many others are as well. On tour we use to play a lot of Billy Bragg and talk about how rad one of his record covers would be for a graphic. He mentioned this idea to Real and it was turned down. I guess others weren't so down with Talking To The Taxman, or Brewing Up. When thinking of a graphics I knew it had to be this Barney Bubbles design with a play on the words. The Madness, and Wheeling up. If you know JT, you get this. When the graphic was finished I didnt tell JT it was happening, I just submitted the deck to BBS where he would see it in production. Yeah, he is the dude that oversees that skateboards and wheels are in order for BBS. He is the man and we are all lucky he is there making sure decks are perfect! I didnt want him to deny the idea  because he is so humble, and  doesnt think he is deserving of a tribute board. And I think that is bullshit because he is an absolute legend! There should always be a JT deck available for fans. I think he will always have an Adored board if he is down!

all signed by the Nose Manny Master himself!

They are all yellow tops because that is his favourite top veneer color

The deck is his promodel 8.2 Real board. Im gonna set one up in hopes that my 360 flips and manny's work better than ever!

JT, you are Adored!!!!



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