Adored x Dowd Record Club

Adored x Dowd Record Club

Hello there. What’s shaking? Welcome to the first ever, You are Adored  blog post. Since this is the first and I am all over the place getting stuff together for Adored, it  will be all over the place. Just as I usually am. All over the place. And that is the way it is. If you want to be involved in the mini movement we are creating. Come on in, but don't follow. Adored is about not following and expressing yourself how ya want. Whether it is skateboarding, music, art, or dressing how ya want just long as it’s loud! It is a way of life.  Moving forward always and always going against the grain.

SInce it is friday. Which means, “Friday I'm in love!” if ya also think of that every friday. You're gonna like what comes next. Today is the day. Yes, this is the day. Another song reference? Duhh! So here is the exciting news! Adored with Dowd Records is releasing ARC001. ARC001? Adored Record Club number one release!  What does that mean? It means the first ever 45 of The Cry ‘Alone” is being released on vinyl! That’s right. The Cry! One of the most infamous bands ever in a skateboard video. A band from North County San Diego that put out one of the most loved and brilliant cassette tapes in 1990. It is a mix of all the stuff I love. And probably what you love, because you're also here for the ride so far. Jangly and bright guitars. Post punk vibes and darker lyrics of love, being  alone, and twists of fate that will make you want to shake, rattle and roll. . All around amazing indie pop!  Stop reading about it and go find it. Some of us searched for over 25 years before being able to locate a copy! Lucky for us, Dowd Records pressed it in 2019, and  answered the prayers of the skate  and indie rock gods! Making this masterpiece available, and for the first time ever on vinyl! So if you are also a vinyl junkie like myself, you couldn't believe it and had to buy it instantly! Over the past two years I became friends with Jason the owner of Dowd and had to know about the story of how all of this happened. He ended up sharing  my enthusiasm with the band. Which is crazy to think about. Lets face it. I'm a nerd. I fucking love music, history and skateboarding. As always Adored is standing on the shoulders of giants and giving all our love to those that stood before us. The ones who inspire us to create. We dig the new breed too. This aint only about the past, because the future is fucking unwritten and there is amazing stuff happening. As usual my mind goes off topic, but this is my journal and as always. I did it my way. 

The Cry in one of the greatest skateboard movies ever. “Hokus Pokus”. That video has inspired people for thirty years. How fucking bitching is that. To be a part of something so magical.  The soundtrack and the hot moves. Pure magic, ya know what I mean? Skateboarding needs the right score. Without the proper tunes it doesn't matter how great the skating is. The music really captures the soul and the essence of the footage. 

We all dream that our art touches someone and inspires them to create and pursue their goals and dreams. At least I know I do. I always trip out hearing that someone enjoyed a video part or the song that was used. Hearing that they started a band or brand. It seriously means the world. Always very fucking cool to talk to people and hear about their influences, because we all borrow inspiration from others. Young and old. We are all inspired and I know I am never too cool to admit it. This is the anti cool guy, cool person's club. We are the beautiful! Be yourself, everyone else is taken, but never be scared to pay homage to the ones that broke down the walls before us. I just got lost in a tangent of preaching. Maybe it is the fact that I'm listening to the new Joe Strummer Assembly compilation. Hard not to be inspired to talk and be straight forward while thinking of Joe. That will be another post. Maybe next week. Who knows. There is never a wrong time for chatting about The Clash. But this about The Cry! 

Still jumpin around in my sneakers  with amazement that the band allowed me to design a picture sleeve and shirts to go along with the limited release of their songs. This is the first time i've ever designed a record cover. When I think of “Alone”I always think of the lone cypress tree on seventeen mile drive down in Monterrey. It is so fucking gorgeous and hypnotic. The song is beautiful and gives a feeling just like this tree. Alone on a cliff thinking of life and precious things. Staring out at midnight skies with the sound of waves breaking in the distance. I love music and am excited about this record, the band, launching  a brand. Sharing experiences and talking with friends. Everything about Adored is spreading love, stoking the flames for the other lovers and weirdos. 

These lyrics speak so much.

Do you wish you had all the things you need?

Do you wish you had all the things you seek?

And asked yourself again, "is this for me?" 

 We all want everything and then sometimes you realize the simplest of pleasures might be all we need. A grind on a curb, pushing on the asphalt and feeling that foot slap the ground as you go faster. Catching the breeze at night when you miss the last train home. The walk or skate that you dread but then find out it is incredible. To be lost or laughing all the way back. Chasing shadows and pretending there is something chasing you. Maybe there really is something following, but it doesn't even matter because it is just special when you think about it later on. There is so much magic in skateboarding and music! Maybe you're thinking of your own experiences just as I am writing mine right now. Seems like skateboarding has given me so many stories and now is the time to start sharing some of them. Like I said earlier,  my stories and writing are all over the place. If it wasn't bumpy along the road it would get a bit boring, right? Just as skating on the ground at costco is probably amazing and we've all dreamed of it, but ya know after a while you'd be craving some rough concrete to make your tires bark. My stories aren't all amazing and so many of them sad and full of misadventures, cruelty and shame and growth.  But as Wilde said “ Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes.” Lot of mishaps have been made over and over. They make for good future blogs and maybe some of my stories can help you feel comfortable, or uncomfortable , but also let you know that you are not alone. That we all struggle and are scared. Frankly, I have no clue what the heck I am doing most of the time. Just going for it and laughing along the way. For all that are a part of Adored from the start. Thank you for believing in me, because I believe in you! 

Buy the record. Maybe not because there are only 40 in existence. The shirts are awesome and I did the drawings for those as well. Maybe in thirty years they will be sought after just like some of us searched for that Beautiful Reasons cassette all of those years.

With love, xoxo

Corey Duffel

April 2, 2021

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