What is this brand about? What’s our mission statement?

Skateboarding, music and art.  The three of those are a way of life for me and if you’re reading this you’re either laughing or you know what I’m talking about. You dig?


Adored started as a spark from a trip in Paris in 2017.  Skateboarding seemed mundane and humdrum at the time, causing me to feel lost and insecure with my imagination. Feeling broken and fatigued with my best friend, I painted adored with a happy face on my grip and when I looked down, I wanted to push faster and have more fun. The bass and guitars of a song came to my mind. My eyes were wide and I felt young at heart, wanting to throw that school tie in the rain and push full speed ahead. Chasing sunsets with tears in my eyes, knowing that age is meaningless when the heart refuses to accept defeat from those who want to crucify you for not being like them... Survival never goes out of style. 


Adored began to mean more and more to me. I started dreaming about making something with it to share my love for skateboarding and creating. Understanding that I was bored and annoyed of being told “no” so often only encouraged me more. After two weeks in Paris, I was falling madly, deeply in love again with the shred sled that I’ve adored since I was 10 years old in 1994. 


Who we are and who we care about

Here to stay and we will not go away. The reverence for the ones before us. Standing on the shoulders of giants, you could say. Love and respect and doing it your own way. Outsiders who continue to break walls. Ones who care about style and attitude. Those who also like it loud and radical. Enjoying stormy and cloudy weather, and still leaving their sanctum on warm summer days. Falling and laughing. Bleeding and doing it again. Sacred nights skating under the neon lights or staring at the stars knowing how special it is or dreaming about being far away.  Black rainbows, counting stairs and looking at spots no matter where you are.


If you’re bored of reading this and wanna go skate, watch cartoons or play a record, and also know what I’m saying: high five! You are Adored.