Heads Will Roll

Heads Will Roll


Where to start? 

This skateboard rules. Why did I do this graphic? Do I put my name on it? Is Jeremey Klein right? Should I start my own brand and do it my way?

There are a lot of thoughts involved with this one. 

In 2010 my friend Ed Syder submitted a skateboard graphic for my ten year pro anniversary to Foundation Skateboards that had my head mounted on the wall with Rachel holding the murder weapon in her hand. Foundation shut it down. They were not interested in it. I loved it of course because it had that early nineties skate charm to me. I also love big animated graphics. The skateboard didn't happen. About 8 years later I was going through an external harddrive and I found the graphic in a folder and had a good laugh! “ Damn, this board would have been awesome.

I decided to post the image of it on my instagram story. A few minutes after posting there was a lot of response from people saying they loved it. I couldn't agree more as I too loved it.I get a message from Hook Ups, aka Jeremy Klein. I'm gonna do a slight detour for a  moment. Jeremy is my first favourite skater. He played  a huge influential role in my young skateboarding and reckless attitude. I am a massive fan to say the least! Lets get back to the DM. Jeremy asks why isn't this a graphic? I told him Foundation shut it down, He lets me know they are stupid and that i should put it out on my own. Quit riding for others that shut you down. Start your own brand and do this as a graphic. When he told me this I was stoked! Getting a message from a skater I adore and giving me some amazing advice.

I reached out to Ed in Sheffield, England and asked if he would be down for me to use this art for a skateboard thing I wanna do. He of course was curious what would be happening in the future. I hadn't told many people that I would be leaving my sponsor of two decades to embark on my own adventure. Ed said he was down but wanted to redraw the graphic. I was fine with that, as the original I have a beard and long black hair as it was originally drawn in 2013. Ed got going on it asap, and this has been ready to come out for over a year. Covid hit and board manufacturing became a total hassle and everything was put on hold. Especially for the small business trying to get started. Oh before I forget, I paid Ed as well. Why is this even mentioned. Oh you self righteous cunt, you didn't get something for free. No, No. That is not what that is about, but because it all plays a part in the storyI know that so many friends and artists don't ever see the money for their art and work. I want my friends to know they are adored and that they are a part of this. Everything Adored is about love and good times. Appreciation and groovy vibes, This was the first time I had sent money to someone for something That I wasn't actually sure if I would be using or not. I had my dreams, but to actually go for it is so scary. Who is going to make the boards. How will I afford them? Will anyone buy them?   My homeboy Richard, who has done many of my boards and wheels over the years at Yeto helped laying the graphic out. It has seen many transitions. It was originally a solid white or baby blue background. Richard, Rachel and myself did many different options for it and they all looked so cool! Rachel then decided why don't we use the wallpaper from room 237! It made perfect sense as the very first graphic is a Shining board. Rachel in the blue dress with a knife and me dead. It was decided! 

Oh yes, let's get back to Ed for a moment. Who is Ed? Well, he is a brilliant artist and skater. And Father. Slappy grinding gent that actually designed my first ever Pro board. Yup! Adored has gone full circle and I want to include those that I care about and adore. First I wasn't planning on putting my name on anything ever as I don't want to be that geezer that can't get sponsored and refuses to let go of the dream. Starting their own brand just to put their name on boards because no one else will. I've never wanted to do that. After many long talks with friends and others, I was told why the hell wouldn't you put your name on some stuff. To me it just seemed weird and not what I wanted to do. Maybe it is my insecurities. I had others telling me, why wouldn't you have pro boards? People love you for who you are. It isn't always about the tricks but it is the vibe you carry and what you've done over the years. I started thinking about it and decided I would put my name on this one as a limited board. Making a small run and first edition of it with my name on the tail. Fuck it, right? 

Anyway, this shred sled is a special one to me as it is officially the start of really embarking forth on a new journey in my life and career. Growth and taking new chances. Being scared and moving forward. 

I want to thank all for the support and love over the years. You are Adored!




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